Meet Bindi

Bindi is a purebred mini Australian Shepherd . She is a very smart funny girl who likes to hang out where ever her favorite person is.

Meet Ruaty!

Rusty is a 22 AKC Moyen (small standard) poodle. He is a sweet intelliegnet loving dog. Rusty has sired amazing puos that has wnet on to be be therapy adogs, models and all around great family pets.
Meet Rebel

Bindi is a purebred mini Australian Shepherd and one of the most social pups we have ever known. SHe has a sunny disposition and loves to chill on the couch and chase her ball for hours on end!
Meet Piper!

Piper is a F1 standard Berendoodle. She has been eaisly trained and is a clam sweet girl. Watch for her in the future. She will produce beautiful babies!